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The equipment we manage is responsible for saving lives, and you must be able to rely on it. Bio-Med Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing the very best in medical equipment consulting, purchasing, installment, and servicing. We provide training for all level of user. We assess current capabilities and equipment status and provide expert advice on planning, purchasing, and maintaining new equipment. There’s a lot more to a successful biomedical department than just fixing machines.

Why Choose Us


We are the dedicated provider for more than twenty hospitals nationwide and have a proven track record and years of experience. We are the sole provider for a Thomson Reuters “Top 15 Health System,” who depend on our quality at every facility, every day.


Our solutions are trusted by one of the fastest growing health systems in the nation; they move fast, and so do we. Our rapid expansion has given us the agility and drive to quickly assess each new situation, finding the right solutions quickly, based on our variety of experience.



When it comes to healthcare, we don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Our equipment and maintenance programs are designed to ensure not only precise compliance with regulations, but also consistent top-of-the-line function. When it matters, you need to be able to rely on your systems.

Effective Methods

Through our experience working with healthcare partners we have developed a Medical Equipment Management Program (MEMP) and are experts at tailoring the program and implementing it at a variety of acute care hospitals and medical groups.

Cost Effective

Our specialization and scale of practice give us access to excellent pricing. We are experts in creating operational efficiency, saving money in practice as well as in purchasing. Our team has is knowledgeable enough to match the needs of a facility with the right piece of equipment, not overspending on unnecessary features.