Lake Huron Medical Center (LHMC) is pleased to announce its June 2022 Employee of the Month, Ryan Kowalski. LHMC is honored to have a strong team of staff and volunteers working hard to deliver high-quality care to the Blue Water Area.

Ryan works as a Clinical Lab Scientist III in the LHMC Lab Department and has been an employee at LHMC for 10 years. He was nominated by a peer who commented, “I was working on PCU North and received a phone call from Ryan Kowalski in the Lab. He called to alert me that one of my patient’s glucoses was a little low with morning labs, but not at the risk level yet. What he didn’t know was that the patient was not on accu checks nor a diabetic and had not been eating and was in isolation. Upon immediate assessment, the patient was found to be lethargic with snoring respirations and a CBG of 37. NP Aaron was notified, and the patient received medications and is now on scheduled acccu checks. The patient recovered immediately with treatment. Due to Ryan’s due diligence, an emergency was narrowly avoided. Thank you, Ryan!”

Lake Huron Medical Center is proud of each of its employees and volunteers; and extends a special thank you and congratulations to all our team members, especially Ryan, as we celebrate their accomplishments.

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